Never Give Up

As most of you know, I campaigned through the entire first round of Mamavation, and did NOT make the finals. I campaigned daily, and felt that I had worked very hard to make the, you can imagine I was devastated when I didn't even make it into the final 4. I was heart-broken, and threw myself a mini-pity-party...yes, I cried for a couple of days over what I thought was a missed opportunity.

Then, I stopped feeling sorry for myself, dusted myself off, and decided I would be the best Follow Along Mom on Mamavation that I possibly could be. I would journal my booty off, and start doing my own workouts and healthy eating. I didn't expect to WIN as the Follow Along Mom, but I certainly expected to LOSE some weight, and develop a good routine during that time.

By putting myself out there for everyone to see, and by remaining active on twitter, I made some friends, and connections that have proven to be extremely valuable to my goals. One of the friends I had connected with, and met while campaigning for the first round, messaged me when she found out about a testimonial group. We decided to "buddy" up and go together, to show one another support.

That first day of working out with Lisa Druxman, I looked at my friend and said "What have you gotten me into?" Now, a month and a half later, I can answer that question myself "a healthier routine and smaller clothes!" And what an amazing feeling when that friend told me that I looked 1/2 the size from when she had met me! BECAUSE I AM! But hearing someone (besides your randy hubby) SAY they can see the difference makes it so much more REAL, and gives you such an amazing boost in confidence!

I have been working out with the testimonial group since the beginning of September, and have PERSONALLY seen amazing changes, but not just my own! It's a real eye-opener when you can look at someone just a month and a half after meeting them, and they look completely different from day 1. Soon, we will find out which of us have been chosen to represent Lisa's workout on-screen, and regardless of whether or not I am selected, I have already begun a new life process that is PRICELESS, and it's very own reward.

I'm one of those who wants EVERYONE to win, and even though some people aren't "chosen" for a particular role, I believe that we have all won JUST by being a part of something amazing! This applies to both Mamavation AND my testimonial group right now! We have all been rewarded simply by having the opportunity to participate, and we choose whether we make that reward a big one or small one by what we decide to take away from that opportunity.

For the Mamavation Mom candidates, Leah has given us ALL an amazing chance to inspire others, and doing something meaningful while improving ourselves and the health of our families. If you were not chosen to be a finalist, and even if you WERE chosen as a finalist, but don't WIN the finals, you can still choose to be an inspiration and make a lifestyle change by joining the Follow Along Program. If you are at all confused about how to do this, go to Mamavation and read more about it. Or you could check out my Follow Along Journals to find some inspiration for doing your own!

My Journals:

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Not only did I join Lisa's testimonial group, but I also signed up for a belly-dancing class at a community college near where I live. I bugged a couple of friends to join me for the classes, to make it more fun. One of my close friends decided to join me, and we also decided to make the gym part of our after-class routine. We had previously been doing some Jillian Michaels workouts, but that proved to be more challenging with 4 kids between us, all on different schedules. So the class and gym afterwards works great for us, and provides us with something we desperately need...time away from both of our homes (and families). This is the same friend I mentioned in my VLOG, that told me I had inspired her to begin her own health & fitness blog!

More recently, I met ANOTHER online friend, and we began talking about fitness, and decided to hit the gym together sometime. We talked about it for a couple of weeks or so, before I made it one of my Mamavation Monday Commitments to meet that friend at the gym at least twice that very week! We worked out 2 evenings that week, and did our socializing afterwards with a nice soak in the hot tub to relax before heading home for sleep. I have thoroughly enjoyed those late night workouts and chats, and am looking forward to continuing our little ritual!

So, you see, even when you don't make the cut for a "title", you've already committed yourself to making changes and becoming an inspiration...and what better way to support others while gaining support for yourself, than to do the Mamavation Follow Along Program (as a member of BookieBoo's Mamavation Group, and recruit yourself some workout "buddies" if that is what works for you! It has worked for me, along with committing myself to CLASSES, where I am also held accountable for showing up and participating. After my testimonial group has ended, I will be looking for more classes, possibly at my local gym, or another class through one of the local colleges, to take the place of those workouts.

A friend once posted a quote, and I found it at the perfect time...right after I was NOT chosen for the Round 1 Mamavation Finals. I feel compelled to share this quote with you:

"The highest reward for a persons improvement is not what they get because of it; it's what they become as a result of it"


bookieboo said...

You are an inspiration to everyone Ali! I heart you!

Mandy said...

Thanks so much, Ali for your support and your model. I will definitely be walking in your shoes and taking my chance to mamavate to an even better extent than I did on the last follow along. Hugs, and good luck, lady!

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