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Had my second kick-butt workout session today, and again, felt like I may collapse at any given moment, but pushed through! Gaining confidence, even though I know I am HORRIBLY out of shape! Went shopping for some new groceries, to start changing some of my eating habits (a little more drastically), so I have an evening of cutting, cleaning, prepping, and freezing of foods ahead of me! Hubby is grilling veggies and meats right now, for our dinner...and entertaining Ry! A little bit ago, Ry brought me a very pretty flower from Daddy's garden...he can't resist breaking the flowers off and bringing them as gifts...*sigh* Tomorrow, we go back to preschool, and hope that this week is better than the last! Maybe this week, Ry will start LISTENING...*wishful thinking* Wednesday, I return to get my next serving of my booty on a platter, and believe it or not, I am actually looking forward to it. It is a double treat, in a way...I get some alone time in the car on the way there, get a GREAT workout in, and then, I get MORE alone time on the drive home! I just relax on the way there, and listen to some tunes, then on the way home, I chug my water, think about my workout, and how I feel from the workout, and what I would like to accomplish the rest of the day/week. I hope everyone has been enjoying their 3 day weekend...I'm enjoying my "second Sunday", relaxing at home while Daddy grills and chills with Ry...Did I mention Nap-time was a success today? And YESTERDAY? Hope this is the start of a new trend here! Happy Labor Day, Everyone!


Proud mommy of Two said...

Go Ali, go Ali!! Ready for some more Jillian?!

♥ Mommy ♥ to R & R said...

yes! ready when you are! But found out I need to be doing more! Either Level 1 repeated, or Level 1 followed by Level 2! To get the workout I need!

Dani.DeCarlo said...

Where are you working out?
Good for you! It's inspiring!
Now I just have to drag my butt out of bed at 7AM. I will try to think of you. =)

♥ Mommy ♥ to R & R said...

I am working out with a private group, 2x/week, and at the gym or at home the rest of the week...either doing videos, or riding elliptical.

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