Mamavation Update 05SEP09-11SEP09

Saturday, 05SEP09 granola bar granola w/yogurt antipasto salad fish, red bell peppers, hummus water (~60 oz) Activity: JM Shred Level 1 Sunday, 06SEP09 **forgot to copy this one off of my food diary & turned into trainer on Monday...will have to get this day's intake from her Monday, and update! Monday, 07SEP09 Fruit Bar, Almonds Almonds 1/2 pb&j Tri-Tip (small piece), heinz57, corn on the cob, grilled bell peppers & onions Fluids: water 60oz. Activity: 1 hour group training session w/Lisa Druxman **Last week's workout, on Wednesday, I weighed in (fully clothed, with shoes) at 164#. This week, I weighed in (fully clothed, with shoes) at 163.4#. Happy that it is a LOSS and not a gain, but hoping for a bigger loss over the next week! Gonna have to kick it up a notch! Tuesday, 08SEP09 Yogurt, Almonds Banana 1/2pb on whole grain turkey wrap water, water, water! Wednesday, 09SEP09 protein shake (fat-free milk) gatorade mix/water, fruit bar almonds, fruit bar grapes turkey wrap pb & carrots grilled chicken, asparagus, carrots water, water, water! Activity: 1 hour group training session w/Lisa Druxman **weigh in at workout was 164# back at same as beginning number. Got told to kick it up, so I am! Thursday, 10SEP09 cream of wheat, almonds grapes, pb on whole grain turkey wrap hummus apple protein smoothie water, water, water! Bellydancing class (1hr), Gym: Elliptical (30min), Bike (20min) Friday, 11SEP09 pb on whole grain, milk hummus & wh. wht. pita grapes, almonds turkey wrap carrots antipasto salad ( fave...better than last week's from "that other place") water, water, water! Elliptical (500cal), 15 crunches, 15 reverse crunches, 15 obliques each side, & stretches! And my Friday weigh-in (taken after breakfast and several glasses of water, because I almost forgot!!):


thymeofmylife said...

Excellent numbers!! You're doing great!

bookieboo said...

You are doing really good. I am very proud of you. What I like the most is you are taking personal responsibility for everything. Every aspect of your journey. That will carry you through.

Childhood said...

Great work Ali! how many pounds for the week? 4? Wowsers... Keep it up!

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