Weekly Mamavation Update 04SEP09

What a week...if you've been following my blog, you've already read about it, if not, GO READ my last 2 posts! Tonight, I was expecting a visit from a friend and her lovely friend Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred DVD. All said and done, we postponed until tomorrow...I was running a couple of errands, and her baby was not sleeping for her...yes, it's easy to let things get in the way of a workout. Call it one of my 2 days off for the week...thinking I will reserve the next "off" day for Tuesday. Have a feeling I am going to need it to recover from the next whoopin' that gets put on me! So, while you are doing family time, and yukkin' it up with your friends, think of me...I'll be sweating and wondering how crazy I must be not to just throw in the towel and go home! I'll also be wondering if everyone else in the class can see how weak I am, and how close I am to fainting on the ground in front of me. Or maybe they are wondering the same thing? I think we were all too busy worrying how weak we looked to notice anyone else's weaknesses! So, all in all, I am feeling pretty accomplished for having lost a solid 7 lbs, and implementing changes to my own eating strategies, as well as getting hubby on board for a few changes. Poptarts have been banned from our home, and replaced with Eat Right Fruit Bars. Would love to get them to eat oatmeal, but so far, that has been a no go here. I guess I should just be happy they love fruit, eh? The past 2 mornings have ended in R1 eating a bowl of strawberries...not the best, I am sure, since there is no protein, but better than sweet and sticky stuff! Thinking it's time to get them into some of my old workout videos or dance videos. They LOVE to dance, maybe I should go check the library for some dance instruction videos for them. Give them something to accelerate at, so they can stop driving me up the walls with their excess energy. *Desperately trying to stay awake to finish this post...seriously, didn't I just DO a post last night? WHERE did the week GO!?!?! Oh...that's right, I guess it's a good thing I blog things, so I remember what I did the day before, or week before, eh? Sleep deprivation does NOTHING GOOD for the memory banks in this mushy mommy brain. My Scale Shot: My Food/Activity were as follows: Saturday, 29AUG09 B: Turkey Sausage, Eggs (scrambled w/chs) L: 1/2 pb & j D: 1/2 cheeseburger, corn on the cob, french fries S: Yogurt Fluids: Coffee, Water Activity: typical Sunday, 30AUG09 B: Granola & Yogurt L: Corn Chips, cookie D: (Taco Bell) Bean & Chs Burrito, Soft Taco Fluids: Diet 7up, water, Diet Pepsi *I can already hear the "off with her HEAD!" from Leah, now! :)* Activity: Kayaking Monday, 31AUG09 B: none L: fruit bar SNACK: banana D: none Fluids: water Activity: Typical Tuesday, 1SEP09 B: none L: none D: none Fluids: water Activity: typical Wednesday, 2SEP09 B: none L: fruit bar (after workout) D: Grilled Tuna, bell peppers & onions Fluids: water Activity: typical, and *workout* (1 hr) Thursday, 3SEP09 B: granola & yogurt S: 1/2 banana & 1/2 chs stick & 1 pb granola (from pack of 2) L: 1/2 pb&j (whole grain white), 1 small banana S: handful of grapes D: grilled chs & tomato/basil soup Fluids: water Activity: Gym/Elliptical, 1 hr (527 cal.) Friday, SEP09 B: pb granola bar S: cheese stick L: granola & yogurt D: small slice pizza & antipasto salad (takeout) Fluids: Water Activity: Swim Lessons with 2 Toddlers, typical walking (shopping, and at home) *it honestly didn't dawn on me until I was typing this all in, how much I neglect to eat. That is definitely on the goal list for this week!


Lizz said...

I was *just* going to ask you if you were sick or something and you couldn't eat.

Eat! Eat! Especially if you are going to do Shred. Not eating enough can be just as detrimental to your results and eating too much. Keep your metabolism steady! You're doing great!

Childhood said...

Losing 7 pounds at home on your own over the last 5 weeks is really a great accomplishment! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Seriously YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am still bowing down to the queen! I have yet to weigh since week one....oops!

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