Today was the first day of a new fitness plan I am participating in. I got my booty handed to me on a platter. I knew I was out of shape, but I HONESTLY didn't realize HOW BADLY! I could barely keep up, and at several points during the workout, I thought I would collapse right there and die. I questioned my sanity in enrolling myself into a program like this, and doubted my ability to make it through the first session, let alone 2 whole months of working out like this multiple times a week! It was a great group, though, and the ladies were all very supportive and encouraging...I couldn't have asked for more! At the end, I was still feeling discouraged. It took 10 minutes before my body stopped shaking enough for me to stand up and make the hike back to my car to head home. I picked the morning apart and analyzed it the entire drive home. here are some of my thoughts from an email I sent out after I got home from the workout:

There were times I thought I would absolutely collapse during the session, but I pushed on, knowing that the pain is only temporary, and after that hour, I will be headed home to my babes, to a new kind of pain.
And by the time my hubby's birthday rolls around in November, I am going to feel confident and happy with my body, which is what he has asked me for as a gift each year, that I have been unsuccessful in achieving yet.
On my drive home, I took advantage of the almost 1 hour of solitude, and reflected on the session. I remember thinking (during the workout) that I am not cut out for this, and that I am in over my head...but after having some time to let it all sink it, I realize this is EXACTLY what I have been so desperately needing. Accountability, support, and someone who will push me and not let up.
Thanks, ladies, for your encouragement today! It helps to have that positive support!
{ I'm going back again on}... Monday, ready and willing to have my booty handed to me on a platter AGAIN!


Proud mommy of Two said...

Good for you! I am glad you did not get discouraged and that you are going to stick with it!!

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