Mamavation Monday Weigh-In 10.19.09-10.25.09

Weigh In Snapshot (10/26/09):

First off, I want to say WOW! I cannot believe it! I have lost over 16 lbs now! If you follow my blog, you can always see my updated weight loss ticker on the right hand side of the screen! I try to remember to update it when I do a new weigh-in, just to show how much I have lost! It's a great motivator to keep pushing along, when you see an actual NUMBER...telling you that you have done THIS MUCH WORK, to lose THIS MUCH WEIGHT...that's reason enough for me not to do the back-slide!

SHEESH! I REMEMBER how hard it has been to get here...having my booty kicked around before having it slapped upon a platter and handed back to me with a smile TWICE A WEEK, and more recently FOUR times in one week...that definitely puts it all into perspective!

Please be patient with me, I will be updating and adding in my food diary, but for now, I will leave you with these lovely snapshots of my scale over the past few days!

Weigh-In Snapshots for this week!

Last Monday, at our workout, I weighed in at 158.0 fully clothed, with shoes. Today, I weighed in at 155.2, fully clothed, with home, though, BEFORE I got dressed for the day, my scale said:

October 19th, 2009 October 18th, 2009 October 16th, 2009

Monday, October 19th, 2009 B: Oatmeal S: Apple/Almonds L: 1/2 pb on wg S: protein bar D: turkey wrap ACTIVITY: Lisa Druxman workout

Tuesday, October 20th,2009 B: oatmeal S: grapes/chs L: turkey wrap S: 1/2 pb on wg D: turkey (grilled), stm'd veggies ACTIVITY: X

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009 B: Oatmeal S: apple/almonds L: turkey wrap S: banana/pb D: grilled chkn, stm'd vegs ACTIVITY: Lisa Druxman workout

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009 B: Oatmeal S: yogurt/granola L: turkey wrap S: banana/pb D: egg/turkey wrap ACTIVITY: X

Friday, October 23rd, 2009 B: Oatmeal S: 1/2pb on wg L: turkey wrap S: a few corn chips with homemade dip (courtesy of my brother, for his homecoming dinner!) D: grilled tuna (thanks, hubby! It was DELICIOUS!) ACTIVITY: X

Saturday, October 24th, 2009 B: Oatmeal S: yogurt/berries L: turkey wrap S: banana/pb D: scrambled wrap (chipotle (organic) salsa, scrambled egg, turkey) YUM! ACTIVITY: X

Sunday, October 25th, 2009 B: Scramble leftovers (without the wrap) S: Coffee (with creamer) **1st cup of coffee since August. L: Turkey wrap Late Snack/Early Dinner: meatballs, 2 crackers w/cheese spread, small cup of juice. (at a friend's housewarming party) ACTIVITY: X

Due to a very minor and silly knee injury LAST week during a workout, I made a quick visit to my doctor this week, to have it checked, just to be sure I wasn't harming it by continuing to workout, because BELIEVE ME, I have not stopped working out on it! He recommended not doing quite so much HIGH IMPACT (temporarily), and giving it a little rest. I will say that I had to lighten up on the impact, not because I was being a good patient and listening to his advice, but because my knee forced me into it. After a very painful workout on Wednesday, I gave it a rest this weekend, and haven't had any pain since Wednesday. I go back to working out tomorrow morning, so I will find out if the rest did it good, which I am PRETTY SURE it did!

I've already buzzed my late night gym buddy to get back into the gym together this week, and am looking forward to our late night workouts and chats in the hot tub after!

This week, my belly-dancing class ends, but I plan to find out when the new session begins, and sign myself up again!

Many of you know that Thursday, the 22nd of October, was the day of announcing the 2 new Mamavation Moms. Those 2 lucky ladies are Alyssa and Stacie, and you can see their videos, and follow their journeys at Please stop by and congratulate them, and show them your support!

I will continue to post my weekly updates, and link them to the Mamavation Follow Along Program, as well as show my support for the many moms involved in Mamavation, as well as the many moms I know who are NOT a part of Mamavation, but are aspiring to bring healthy habits to their own families.

I will also continue to look for new and exciting ways to stay motivated towards my goals, and inspire you to reach yours, so please stay tuned!


Mandy said...

Kickin' butt, aren't you! :D

Proud mommy of Two said...

Holy Crap girl! That is so awsome!! Great work my dear!

Vixen (aka @ladybugsgrama) said...

Just wishing you the best of luck tonight. I figure the more places I do it, the luckier it will be?

MOMMY-MOMO said...

WOW!!!! great job girl!!!! You're meals are awesome too! Love to see it :)

bookieboo said...

Wow! Geez...that's ALOT of weight so far that you have lost...and alot to loose in a week. Good job...I know you have been working your ass off and it shows. :)

Anonymous said...


Now I feel really guilty that not only have I not worked out today but I just had a big bowl of penne, 3 halloween candies and a bag of chips. Okay, I'm going to exercise on the floor now.

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