A winning feeling...

I got a taste of being a "winner" in my weight loss endeavors yesterday, when I tried on a pair of jean shorts that I have not yet worn...I didn't EXPECT them to fit, since about a month or so ago, I had tried to put them on, and they wouldn't even go up past the tops of my thick thighs...So, you can only imagine that when they slid up and over these thighs AND these hips, I was excited...but not nearly as excited as I was that they ACTUALLY ZIPPED all the way up and buttoned, to boot! I sat in them, walked in them, ALL COMFORTABLY! I am just bummed that it is now getting too cold for me to wear them and show off my shrinking figure! I guess I will just have to enjoy them in the warmth of my own home for now! I don't plan to "save" them for summer, because I'm aiming for them to be too big by then! My training sessions with Lisa end at the end of October, but she has set a goal for our group of lovely ladies, that we would each lose 10 more pounds before our workouts are complete. So, I am looking forward to reaching that goal! My personal goal for myself this fall, was to lose 20 pounds by the end of the year, and it looks like I am going to exceed that number, if all continues to go well! The next round of Mamavation will be starting right around the end of my training sessions, so I will have my accountability factor already set up! Whether or not I am one of the 2 chosen Mamavation Moms, I will continue to do the follow along program, as I have been doing over the past couple of months! I hope everyone will join me in committing to provide themselves and their families with healthy food choices and plenty of exercise! I will be posting, as I have been, in hopes of inspiring and motivating others to join me in creating a new healthier lifestyle! If you are interested in learning more, please go to www.mamavation.com and check it out! I will be campaigning for this 2nd round of Mamavation, as well, so please come support me by Tweeting on my behalf (if on Twitter)! You can copy and paste the following: @bookieboo @PickleSugarPlum is MY #mamavation Please RT! Let's get her into the finals, Everyone! or create your own tweet, as long as you remember to use the following: @bookieboo @PickleSugarPlum #mamavation in your tweets! COMING SOON! My VLOG entry for Mamavation Round 2!


Proud mommy of Two said...

Good for you girl!! Keep it up you are doing so awsome!!

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