Weekly Update 19SEP09-25SEP09

Saturday, 19SEP09 Oatmeal almonds, grapes 1/2 pb on wg no snack corn chips with salsa Sunday, 20SEP09 oatmeal 1/2 pb on wg banana, cheese stick turkey wrap **Sometimes, the negative things in life tend to take over and get in the way of the positive things. It happens...but when it does, it's important to just let those things go, and try to put the positive things back out in front. This week was very disappointing to me, personally...more than the past weeks have been. Yes, I had a great loss this week, weight-wise, but I also lost some smaller battles that I feel I should have won. I broke down last night, and instead of eating a healthy dinner, I had a handful of chips and MASS amounts of salsa...you could barely see the chip beneath. The salsa was yummy...and I won't lie, so were the chips, but THEY ARE NOT IN THE MEAL PLAN. I knew before I put them in my mouth that I was being weak. Yes, it was a very difficult day, but NO, that is NO EXCUSE for putting JUNK in my diet, rather than something filling and nutritional. I did it anyway. Now, I have to put my guilty moment of weakness behind me and regain my composure. This is a new week, and I am going to get my act together and pull myself out of this rut. Monday, 21SEP09 Oatmeal *Workout with Lisa* 1hr Today we got an extra kick in the pants for not making great progress over our past few days...I think I needed it, even if it did almost kill me. apples, almonds wasn't up to eating much today...didn't end up having lunch OR my afternoon snack :( pb on whole grain Tuesday, 22SEP09 oatmeal *I didn't snack today, or have a lunch...I got a nap, instead. pb on whole grain w/banana Wednesday, 23SEP09 oatmeal *workout with Lisa* 1hr It was a hot day, so thankfully, we didn't do our usual LONG RUN away from the park today. We still worked hard, but managed to stick closer to the shady area for the most part...SO GRATEFUL for that...I would be so embarrassed if I fainted at a workout, because of the heat! apples, almonds chicken, lettuce, cheese wrap cheese stick, banana Power Bar *went grocery shopping...cupboards were getting bare. Thursday, 24SEP09 1/2 bran muffin 1/2 banana california chicken wrap from einstein's (met my MIL&FIL for lunch with the kids) 1/2 pb on whole grain Belly dancing class (1hr) and the gym (elliptical: 20min, weight training) Friday, 25SEP09 Weekly Weigh-In Photo: 1/2 bran muffin powerbar turkey wrap yogurt/berries grilled chicken breast/bell peppers & asparagus


Proud mommy of Two said...

Everyone's allowed an off day ya know! You have been doing so great with this. I know you can do it! Keep your head up my dear. You can make a difference! Besides, if chips and salsa are considered Junk to you, then you are doing an awsome job!!

Banteringblonde said...

You know what? There are certain trigger foods I have to avoid but then there are some that I feel more control with. If eating a few chips and some salsa (which most types are not bad for you btw) is what you wanted to do... don't beat yourself up for it. That was your choice - own it and move on! You are doing awesome!

bookieboo said...

Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it. The next meal is always something you can look forward to doing right. You're right, if you guilt yourself out about this...it will be impossible to succeed. Just move on and know that you are in great company...no one is perfect...and we are all rooting for you. :)

TUTU Monkey said...

Way to go on sticking with you program!! Be kind to yourself...you are doing great...:)

Thanks for the comment on my blog....it was funny todays Oprah was all about women and hair....we need to be kinder to ourselves in this department too...:)


Christie-The ChatterBox said...

Oh I LOVE that number on your scale...21 pounds to go before I get there! I will gladly take it off your hands :) We all have our little moments. What I learned was not to obsess or deny myself things. When I stopped thinking so hard about it, I did better. I know that sounds weird but it works. If I had a craving for some M&Ms, I ate them, but maybe only 1/2 the package (or less) instead of the whole thing... see. Hang in there lady, you are doing great!

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