All by myself!

So, yesterday afternoon, I went to get my kids up from naptime...I walked into the aftermath of naptime war...every article of clothing in the entire room was strewn across the floor, some tossed over the dutch door, into the hallway outside the room. My son groggily sits up and looks at me with this little lopsided grin and says "I love your hair mommy!" "It's lit-a-ful" To which I respond, "thank you, it's a braid"...So he asks me "Did you make it yourself?" "Yes, I made it myself". The clothes are still on the floor. Today, we are sitting on the couch, and he tells me again "Wow, Mommy, your hair is lit-a-ful". So I tell him, "So is yours, baby! I love your curls!" And he says "Thanks, I made it all by myself!"


thymeofmylife said...

Smart idea to put this down somewhere...wish I had done so with my oldest and need to with my youngest. Enjoy the sweetness while it lasts, LOL

Lisa Druxman said...

Hello Miss Ali
It's me. Lisa. The gal serving up your butt kicking workouts. I'm proud of you for sticking with it and that you are seeing some progress. Please do your best to follow the diet program that I gave you a little more closely as I think you will get better results. With the level you are working out and my program, you definitely should be seeing 2 lbs per week come off.

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