Weight Loss Weekly Update 26SEP09-02OCT09

Weigh-in Snapshot taken: 10/02/09 Saturday, 26SEP09 had a late start to our morning eating, so breakfast was really at snacktime! Oatmeal turkey wrap hummus & bell peppers grilled tuna & veggies Sunday, 27SEP09 oatmeal apple/almonds turkey wrap hummus & bell peppers grilled tuna & veggies Monday, 28SEP09 Oatmeal apple/almonds turkey wrap yogurt/berries chicken breast/veggies *Lisa Druxman workout Tuesday, 29SEP09 oatmeal apple/cheese stick turkey wrap yogurt/berries turkey breast/veggies *did 100 squats!!! Wednesday, 30SEP09 oatmeal apple/almonds 1/2 pb on whole grain yogurt/berries grilled tuna/veggies *Lisa Druxman workout Thursday, 01OCT09 oatmeal banana/pb turkey wrap banana, pb grilled chicken breast/veggies Bellydance class & gym Friday, 02OCT09 oatmeal strawberries, cheese turkey wrap protein bar grilled tuna/veggies *50 crunches, plank ***Original Post*** Although the OFFICIAL 1st Round of Mamavation has ended, and Round 2 will not be starting for nearly a month, I am still going to be posting Mamavation Weekly Updates, as a way to keep myself on track, and hopefully to keep inspiring and motivating all of you to follow along, or create your own journey! Today is an extremely busy day, so most likely, my post for this week will not be complete until sometime tomorrow, but I want you to know that it IS COMING!!! I did my weigh-in, and have a snapshot of that to post, as well! Check back later this weekend for new posts and updates! I'm very excited for this month, and am hopeful for GREAT things to come! Join me here, or on www.bookieboo.com! To learn more about Mamavation, check out www.mamavation.com


bookieboo said...

Hello my darling! I can't wait to see your application...and I am very proud of all the hard work you have done! Reminds me of myself...

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