Before I VLOG...

I want to send out a personal "THANK YOU!" to everyone who has followed my blog throughout the first round of Mamavation! It has been very inspiring and motivating to read all of your comments on my blog, and via twitter, as well as email!

You have all been awesome, and have played a huge roll in my success, just by supporting me along the way! I truly hope you will continue to comment and support me as I go into Round 2 of Mamavation...

I have posted some text in a previous post, that you can just copy and paste, and update into Twitter. You can do this for me as frequently as you like...the more often, the better, as it is a way to show support and get me a secured spot in the finals!

Thank you ALL in advance! Your support is a key role in my success, and I appreciate EVERY bit of it!

If you become a new Twitter member, please be sure to add me @PickleSugarPlum, and send me a message to add you back! Doesn't have to be anything fancy, just to the effect of:

@PickleSugarPlum I am here to support you in becoming a #Mamavation Mom! Please Follow back!

This helps me separate the real support from the spammers!

Thanks again, to everyone who has been supporting me over the past 9 weeks, and to those who are just joining in to show support!


Banteringblonde said...

Good for you! Now let's see the VLOG!!!

bookieboo said...

Can't wait to see your video!

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