Weekly Weigh In & Journal for 03OCT09-09OCT09

Last Weeks Weigh In Snapshot (10/04/09 *correction):

TODAY'S Weigh In Snapshot (10/09/09): *Correction made to weigh in Date, and Food/activity journal added

MY STARTING WEIGHT WAS 168.8, IN JULY 2009 TOTAL LOSS: 14.0 POUNDS!!! ******************************* Saturday, 03OCT09 oatmeal apple, almonds turkey wrap missed snack Outback for FIL's Bday dinner: chicken on the barbie with veggies *50 push-ups (knee)/50 crunches Sunday, 04OCT09 oatmeal strawberries, cheese turkey wrap banana/pb grilled chicken/veggies *100 crunches Monday, 05OCT09 oatmeal apple/almonds turkey wrap grapes/chs stick protein bar *Lisa Druxman workout/gym Tuesday, 06OCT09 oatmeal grapes/chs turkey wrap almonds/fruit&veggie snack bites (babysitting co-op playdate) Turkey spaghetti w/WHOLE GRAIN NOODLES!! *100 crunches Wednesday, 07OCT09 oatmeal apple/yogurt hummus & bell peppers chs stick/grapes tuna salad *Lisa Druxman workout/gym Thursday, 08OCT09 oatmeal berries/yogurt turkey wrap apples/chs tuna salad *belly dance class/gym Friday, 09OCT09 oatmeal apple/pb turkey wrap berries & yogurt tuna salad *100 lunges/side! Ryan & Mommy have begun to feel a little less than 100% in the past couple of days, but hoping the weekend will give us both a chance to recuperate and feel refreshed for the week ahead!


Kelly said...

Wow! Congratulations you are doing great! I am so impressed by your motivation, passion and energy.

Proud mommy of Two said...

Awsome job Ali! Keep it up girl!

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