Food/Activity Log Is UP!

First things first, today's number is back down to the number from 2 weeks ago. 161.8# Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to not let it get me down that I had "gained" .8#...I KNOW that fluctuations are not abnormal during diet change, but for some reason, I was focusing SO HARD on the number, when I know I shouldn't have been!

I know some people don't like to do a food me, neither do I...but it really does help. I could cheat, and write something I know is not true, or I can be upfront with you (which is what I choose to do), and just tell you like it is...regardless of what I put into my mouth. My logging it is what makes me conscious of what is going into my mouth, and makes me question before eating (most times), as well as helps me see where it is that I am lacking in the nutritional chioces. Also helps me notice where I am skipping meals, which is my biggest issue. I am skipping less meals, but still not eating the BEST...but that is all about to get a lot better! That's another post, though, and for now, I am going to get this one done, and let you see! Just keep checking back for some super exciting stuff soon! SERIOUSLY! My Food/Activity were as follows: Saturday, 22AUG09 B: jamba juice smoothie (strawberries wild w/daily vit. boost) split lg with hubby. L: chicken sandwich (McD's--hubby's choice...not a fan!) D: Trader Joe's Pesto Tortellini Bowl (was NOT as good as the picture looked) Fluids: Coffee, water, hot tea, lemonade Activity: typical, mall-walking Sunday, 23AUG09 B: None L: chicken nugget/ff leftovers (kids McD's leftovers) D: grilled chicken, steak, corn on the cob Fluids: coffee, hot tea, monster, water Activity: yardwork, playtime Monday, 24AUG09 B: crm of wheat, made with milk L: pb&j SNACK: crackers D: Pizza, 2 pcs lg ravioli (Papa's Pizza...surprisingly yummy) Fluids: water, cranberry & vodka Activity: Playtime Tuesday, 25AUG09 B: none L: leftover slice of pizza D: bowl of fresh fruit Fluids: water Activity: typical Wednesday, 26AUG09 B: none L: pb&j D: didn't eat the pizza. No interest in eating. *D: small piece of homemade cake (nephew's bday!) Fluids: water, soda (yes, I did...had diet pepsi...of a flavored variety...whatever FIL had in fridge) Activity: playtime Thursday, 27Aug09 B: none L: Firehouse PB: chicken & brie sandwich w/fruit bowl (and a few fries from my kids!) D: none Fluids: water, coffee, iced tea with Splenda Activity: My norm. Friday, 28AUG09 B: none L: none D: Grilled cheese, pickle Fluids: water, corona (1) Activity: Toddler-wearing, pushed stroller (ugh...along with speed-walking), mall-walking


Anonymous said...

SERIOUSLY you rock girl! I love you to death! You are the best! Please keep it up and I am still bowing to you -- I have so fallen off the posting band wagon!

Childhood said...

Keep it up girl! Woooo!

MsShrinkx said...

Hang in there girl!!
One suggestion I would have, is to try and eat will rev up your metabolism and give you energy when you need it. Evening meals are consumed and then off to bed a few hours later...Breakfast is consumed and USED throughout the day. It helped me alot so I thought I would pass it along! :)

Ali, Ryan and Rayna said...

Thanks, everyone, for the encouraging words and heart-felt advice! I really appreciate it!

Lizz said...

You're doing great! Don't let numbers discourage you. Pay attention to how you feel! I know how hard that is.

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