I'm being impersonated...BUT...

Yes, I'm being impersonated, as some of you may already have read HERE.

No, not BUTT, BUT...

The eviction has finally begun. This past week, I finally took a major step in "remodeling". You could call it the beginning of my Mommy Makeover for myself. Either way, it's a HUGE STEP!

The person in the mirror is no longer taking away my optimism every second of every day. With this new change, I am forcing myself to face her DAILY...sometimes more than once daily! Instead of allowing her to defeat me, I am forcing her out. How did I decide, and what did I change, you ask?

Part of me knew that in some way, I would have to take the first step. I mean, seriously, if you had a rent-free life, where you were in control, would you want to leave? If you said yes, please see someone about that...you are in denial. I decided that no time was better than the present, and while I had high hopes of making the change sooner, things just didn't work out that way, and as a Mom, you do what you can with what you have sometimes. Money is always going out, and not necessarily the same amount is coming back in, so some months, you have to prioritize more than others. It wasn't exactly the best timing for spending, but I went ahead and splurged anyway, because I wanted to look good for Bloggy Boot Camp's arrival in San Diego! 

Nothing could have prepared me for the onslaught of positive energy surrounding my new look! I felt AMAZING! Women I have known for some time, and see somewhat regularly DID NOT RECOGNIZE ME! Not kidding. It really kicked that self-confidence factor up a few notches! Thanks, Sugar, for the HUGE boost you gave me!

The rest of you are DYING to know: WHAT DID SHE DO!?! I'm not a fan of watching suspense, but writing it? Whole 'nother story! The answer is...I chopped off my hair and dyed it blue. Well, Black and Blue. Yes, yes I did. No, YOU shut up! I SO did! And I didn't just do it ONCE. I actually went back yesterday, and had it done again. The blue wasn't hanging around the way I wanted, so I went back and we tried a little something different, and at the same time, I let my stylist, Shelby, know I was needing to feel even lighter than I did, so we hacked off some more and thinned things out a little more. Now, the blue is more of a dark teal color, and is more visible than before due to the thinning and trimming process. (I went to a salon I used to frequent in my younger years, Hairspray, and they are awesome!)

So far, I haven't had the chance I hoped for, to style it up wild, but I think I will spend some time playing around with it this weekend. I bought a couple of products today to assist with the process, and can't wait to try them out!

So, you ponder...what exactly has she changed as a direct result of this fantastic new 'do? Well, folks, gone are the days of hastily tossing my hair up in a claw clip and running out the door without so much as a glance at the mirror. Now, I am forced to stand there , armed with a round brush to add some body and curl, along with my smokin' hot pistol of a blow-dryer. And? I've been wearing make-up. Shhh! And? I kinda like it! BUT...there's always a but, right? I am catching myself spending TOO MUCH TIME already, playing in front of the mirror...trying new eyeshadow colors, curling my hair this way and that, changing up my look a few times before finally settling on something, then just barely squeaking out the door at the last possible moment.

During all of this, I want you to know, the impersonator is there, still watching and mimicking, but she is losing her light, because mine is becoming so bright!

I have set a goal, and while I love the idea of sharing it and having you hold me accountable, I have to be realistic...Telling you doesn't make me any more accountable than telling my husband. HE will hound me to the death about this goal, and you? No, you really won't. TRUST ME. I will kick myself enough for just telling HIM. BUT...(MAN there are a lot of "buts" tonight!) I'm glad I shared it with him, because it helps to solidify the goal verbally, with someone who almost always has your best interest at heart. I'm totally kidding...he DOES always have it at heart, BUT...kidding again!

I know she is watching, listening, waiting, hoping there is a sliver of hope that she can sneak back into her comfy position without being noticed, and start controlling again. Not gonna happen.

I will continue to share my successes with you, as I defeat this impersonator, and I hope that you will aspire to take on your own impersonator, and show them the door!


Ginger said...

You look awesome (and looked awesome in person at BBC!). Impersonator be gone!

Vixen said...

That is the most FANTASTIC cut I have ever seen! You look spectacular! Amazing! BEAUTIFUL. Love love love love love it.

Schwandy (Stephanie) said...

Granted I have only seen the after in real life, you looked fantastic at BBCSD. I'm glad you were able to shed some weight off your chest as you let go of all that hair {holy, moly it was long}.
It's also nice to have secrets that you keep just to yourself. Good luck with your personal goal, I know you will reach it!

Michelle said...

OMG, that is an insane transformation! INCREDIBLE!

moms_goinggreen said...

I love your new look! It fits your personality and artistic side.

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