At the end of the day, they are worth it.

Things can get a little...who am I kidding...MORE THAN A LITTLE, challenging around here. Throw in a sick child, and extremely energetic and active child, two parents lacking in the sleep department (as well as some other departments), and things just get THAT much more challenging! Some days, it's easy to feel like a failure, when things seem to constantly go wrong. On days like this, it's nice to have a little reminder of WHY we go through all of these challenges.

Today was one of those days, and when I peeked in on my Pickle and SugarPlum, sleeping soundly in MY bed, I was reminded HOW worth it they are. After all of the fighting and screaming and jealousy, there's the love. Them. Nose to nose, lip to lip. Him. Holding her face as they sleep. Love. And my heart swells. And the feeling of success returns, stomping all over those feelings of failure. And that tear tugs at the corner of my eye, threatening to wet my cheek. SO. WORTH. IT.


Laural Out Loud said...

That is such a precious picture!

My kids adore each other, and I especially love it when they're sleeping side by side, so content to be near each other even in slumber. When my son gets bigger I think this will change, lol, so I try to enjoy every minute of it while I can.

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