I'm being impersonated...

I've tried to let it slide, and just push the simulacrum aside, but she just won't go away! I guess I haven't been clear enough about my lack of enthusiasm with her presence, but I'm officially fed up. She needs to pound sand...and never EVER come back.
She is silent and sneaky, creeping in and out of my view, from time to time, mocking me and taunting me. "Go AWAY!" I hiss, but she just stares back, eyebrow raised, as if to say "or WHAT?".

By now, you are wondering who this psychotic mimic is, tormenting me...I'll tell you. She's the one hiding in the mirror, pretending to be ME! But, really, she doesn't look a thing like me! I've tried to be nice, and I've even avoided mirrors, in hopes of escaping her annoying presence, but each time I catch a glimpse in the shiny paint of a new car, or freshly washed window, and YES, even my own bathroom mirror, she's there, waiting...watching...pretending.

Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE a vivid imagination, and even encourage it, but this pretend play has gone TOO FAR!

I didn't invite her into my space, nor did I request for her to MOVE IN and take up residence. But I'm sure going to be the one evicting her, and I hope never to have to see her again! We are talking 10 year home invasion, here, people! This crazy lady HAS to be stopped!

She has made me paranoid, insecure, and so much more! She brings out the worst in me. I used to love to try on clothes, shoes, everything, I even used to wear make-up pretty regularly, and fix my hair up daily. But now, I can't stand her peering back at me, imitating my every move. I try to check myself out in my favorite jeans, she teases back, attempting to squeeze her size ** into my size 5 jeans. I check the size on my pants again. **. Darn! Even THOSE look like I'm trying to squeeze it in! It can't be THAT bad, can it? Well, it probably wouldn't be, except someone had to go and invent a time-freezing machine called a camera, that spews these hideous images of this impersonator EVERYWHERE I go! I see HER in the photos, but WHERE AM I!?!? Nowhere to be found!

Deep breaths, now! She's really gotten under my skin!

**To be continued...**


Julie said...

That crazy lady attacks us all with all kinds of lies. She must be stopped.

...and I'm curious about the continuation. :)

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

You can do it girl... I love the "time-freezing" camera... so true right?

... and I'm here for an update! Post please!

Life Coach Susan Liddy said...

Sounds like a "little you" is running your show.
Turn around and LOVE her...
That's probably all that she needs.

((( hug )))

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