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Last week, I had my 2nd training session with Melissa at Optimum Condition in El Cajon. I wrote about my 1st session with Melissa in my previous blog post, here. Again, she worked me out, full body, and afterward, I felt as though we had targeted my abs. It is amazing that so much of what we do requires core strength! I am also amazed at the strength of my own core through the sessions, and secretly know there is a sexy, sculpted set of abs in there, beneath my (years and years worth of) winter layers and post-baby chub. Now, it is up to ME to melt off the outer layers and tone up the rest of this soft body I've come to know so well, and rediscover the FIT me!

Because I need accountability to keep me on track, as well as some guidance on what workouts to do, I have decided to do a maintenance package with Melissa, where I meet with her monthly for a check-in/assessment update and workout. At our monthly check-ins, I will learn new exercises to implement into my workout plan, to keep me motivated, and help avoid boredom.

After speaking about the challenges that face so many in finding a workout routine that works for them, and their schedule, Melissa told me about a new class she has added to the schedule, called Lunch Crunch. (I wish there had been a class like this when I was working! It would have fit perfectly into my schedule, and would have given me a great boost of energy to get through long afternoons sitting in front of a computer.) Melissa has graciously offered up 2 1-month* passes for the Lunch Crunch class. For your chance to win a 1-month* pass to Lunch Crunch, please visit Optimum Condition's WebSite and leave a comment below, telling me something you learned about Melissa and/or Optimum Condition that impresses you! In the same comment, I'd love for you to tell me what your current routine is, and if/how you manage to work fitness and healthy living into your daily schedule! *You MUST leave a VALID e-mail address for me to contact you, should you win!*

This giveaway is available to local San Diego residents only. 2 winners will be drawn on Thursday, July 1st 8th, so go comment NOW, and tell your friends!

*Pass valid between July 8, 2010 and August 30, 2010. Pass EXPIRES on August 30, 2010.

Disclaimer: I received 2 complimentary training sessions from Optimum Condition. I will always give my complete and honest opinion, regardless of services or products received.


Sara said...

The lunch crunch sounds good. I like the circuit type set-up it talks about. I'm too intimidated (well and lazy) to do a big group class.

I currently and slacking BIG time since I was being really great about exercising and didn't lose ANY weight. But I'm trying to get back at it again, trying to do 2 times a week at the gym and wearing a pedometer to motivate me.


Diana said...

After reading a little in the optimum condition website, it seems like a fit for me! I've suffered from a back injury in 2006 and need a fitness program fit for me personally. I have a hard time buying videos and doing all that is required. I've just had my second baby and am in need to lose 20 lbs or so but lack the motivation of joining a large group program. As of late i've been taking my 4 year to the park and walking around with my 3 month old either in the front pack (which kills my low back) or pushing the stroller. I know if I could lose the extra weight i'd feel better all around!



Anonymous said...

Well I have to admit that it has been over 4 years since I have worked out. I have a hard time getting myself to do it on my own but once I start I used to love it. I am just so out of shape that even the small things are hard for me to keep up with and make me hurt for days after and that just does not work for me with 2 little kids.


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