Working towards MY Optimum Condition

I have had a few months of "rut" time, where I have slacked off on my eating habits, working out, blogging, and pretty much everything else in my life that doesn't have to do with my children. Although I have made several attempts to pull myself out of the rut, I have consistently slipped back in, further and further each time. I know what I need to do to get to MY Optimum Condition, but I also know that I need a little kick in the rear boost to get me started.

Lucky for me, I was introduced to Melissa Allen, fitness trainer and owner of Optimum Condition, located a few short minutes away, just off of the 8 and 67 freeways, in El Cajon. Our first meeting was strictly for assessment purposes, so that she could find out my history, and do my body fat measurements, as well as some tests of my current fitness level and range of motion. As of right now, I can say I am not at all comfortable with my body fat measurement, and refuse to post it at this time, simply because I need something that I can use to motivate me that nobody else can see...well, except for Melissa! That number ALONE is motivating for me to get back into a healthy routine again.

Having had an odd sort of "injury" during my pregnancy, I disclosed this to Melissa, and told her what specific things tend to irritate the injury. She is VERY attentive to my needs, and constantly checks to see if I am in pain, or need to modify an exercise. For me, this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, because I have had so many personal trainers in the past who've asked for my medical history, and ignored those very things that add to my pain and injury. The fact that she asks me throughout my workout if something is bothering my injury speaks VOLUMES to me about the type of person she is. It tells me that she actually cares about how I feel, and wants me to be pain-free DURING and AFTER my workouts.

I had my first actual training session this past week, and throughout the session, I felt my quads working hard. We did such a variety of different exercises, and she kept me moving constantly. I felt pretty strong through the workout, other than the quivering of my thighs, reminding me of jiggling jello. I felt so at ease with Melissa, during the workout, that the hour literally FLEW by. Part of me wanted to keep going. That part was most definitely NOT my thighs! I was impressed with the amount of stretching she had me do after the workout. It wasn't just a 2 minute cool-down stretching session, and I was doing stretches that were completely new to me.

The next day, I went out fishing with my hubby and another couple we adore. I was reeling up a barracuda, and WOW! I felt my shoulder muscles screaming at me that if I didn't get the fish in the boat soon, I may be taking a guided tour of the ocean deep. Thankfully, I managed to get it to the boat. That barracuda turned into a "ski" fish with a quickness. I was reeling it in so fast that it was skiing across the top of the water, all the way up to the boat. I didn't give it a chance to take a dive, because I didn't WANT a guided tour. That was the only fish I reeled in all day. No, I am not sad about that.

Later in the afternoon, my abs started whining about EVERY SINGLE twist and turn, stretch and bend...I couldn't move in any direction without them chiming in that they were sore. How the heck did THAT happen?!? I don't recall us doing that much of an ab workout. And if I recall correctly, I didn't do a SINGLE CRUNCH...or did I? I know for a FACT, though, that there were NO sit-ups involved. It felt like a great full-body workout at the time, but if you'd asked my body that next day, it would have told you that I'd done nothing but shoulder and abdominal exercises for 3 days straight, without rest.

Believe it or not, I am actually looking forward to doing it all over again. And again. And again. Except for the fishing the day after working out with Melissa thing. I think I'll pass on that one.

I'm going to be meeting up with her again next week, for another great kick boost. In the meantime, I'd like to introduce you to her, and invite you to visit her website Optimum Condition, where you can learn all about her amazing qualifications...they really are impressive...and check out the different classes and services she offers! I am going to be adding a great giveaway for a very lucky local reader, as well, so stay tuned!


Kelly said...

Good luck...I look forward to watching your progress on your Blog.

Proud mommy of Two said...

Good job lady! See I knew you could get back into it! Keep it up girly!

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