Will you?

Will you remember me with a smile,
regardless of whether we'd spoken in a while?
Will you remember me in a good way,
as one who'd been fun and full of play?
Will you praise the things I have done,
If you remember me when I've gone? 
Will you share with them my reflection,
When my children seek answers to life's questions?

~A. Starkey

Have you thought about how you would be remembered by those who knew you in your life?

I have thought about it here and there, throughout my life, but over the past couple of years, with the passing of some very special people in my life, it has been taunting me more and more. Most of the lives that have touched me before their departure, I remember with a smile, and quite often, a few tears. Tears over never again sharing a special moment with them, or tears over a very special moment shared in their presence...just tears. And more tears. Because it hurts so much to miss them this way, and not hear their voice reassuring me that it's all going to be okay.

There are others whose lives I have wished I could touch, but the timing and sometimes even the PERSON were not right for this to happen. There are lives I touched just for a brief moment, and then the moment ended. Some of the briefest of encounters have affected me more deeply than some that I have been in contact with for extensive amounts of time.

I have no idea how each of the people I've met will remember me, but I hope they will remember me fondly, and with a smile.


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