The Up Down Battleground...

I often comment how much I hate doing laundry...Yes, I said HATE. It is a constant process that NEVER ENDS!!! Why DO I hate it so much, though? I started to think about it today. It's not a great reason, but rather an excuse for why...I have to go UP and DOWN 2 flights of stairs...7 steps each, on opposite ends of my house. No big deal, right? Wrong. For some reason, I can't find it in me to do the back and forth every day, which is how often I should be doing my laundry, in order to keep up with it and constantly have my closet and drawers filled with clean, fresh clothes. I started to reflect on this problem, and realize the issue goes much deeper than that. The BIGGEST PROBLEM? I am a Habitual the worst kind of way. I will do ANYTHING....yes, ANYTHING, to avoid doing what I SHOULD be doing. It kind of falls into the same category as my weight affects every part of my life...INCLUDING my weight! They pretty much go hand-in-hand in my life. You see, I don't just procrastinate with chores...I procrastinate with EVERYTHING...playdates/events ("we'll go next time"), clutter ("I'll go through my emails and read that later"), it really doesn't matter what it is, I am a professional procrastinator. Some due to my insecurity (mostly the social ones), but not ALL due to it! I am looking to break myself of these bad habits and develop new, healthy habits, NOT JUST nutrition/exercise habits, but ALL of my habits! Losing weight and changing my eating habits is a GREAT way to improve my life, but that is NOT enough! I need to change how I think, speak, act...everything! I need to start taking charge, rather than putting everything off until I can put it off no longer. Which is why I am hoping to become the 1st Mamavation Mom! It will give me the kick in the pants that I have been needing, and help me break the procrastination cycle that I have been in for far too long! I also think that it will help me rid my life of the OODLES of Clutter...emotional and physical. But that's a whole other blog! :)


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