My commitment...

I am EXTREMELY HOPEFUL that I will become the first Mamavation Mom, but the Negative Nelly in me says something this amazing could NEVER happen to me. I'm just not that lucky. Regardless of whether I get chosen for this amazing opportunity, I am committing to the same guidelines that are set for the Mamavation Mom. I will be blogging my Journey, I will even VLOG, as well, and talk about my struggles and successes...I may not PERSONALLY have a team of experts walking me through the process, but the Mamavation Mom will, and most of the same advice they give her will be available to the rest of us! I plan to support her, whomever she may be, and cheer her on, and I invite everyone who follows me to join in and support her as you do me! So, JOIN ME ON MY JOURNEY, as I transform myself, and make this LifeStyle change for myself and my family. Let me be YOUR Mamavation Mom, whether or not I am the OFFICIAL Mamavation Mom! Let me inspire you! Be my support system! We all need one!


Childhood said...

Awesome post! I can't wait to see your vlog submission!

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