What a week!?!

This has been a busy, yet productive week for me. I took advantage of the 3 day weekend by "letting" hubby go on a fishing trip, so I could secretly start a project while he was away. It worked. It would have worked BETTER, had I been able to COMPLETE the project before he came home...oh, well! I have been pulling all-nighters for the better part of 6 nights, now, and living on Venti Quad-Shot White Chocolate Mochas (*Non-Fat, no Whip, thank you very much!) from Starbuck's Please don't bother telling me the nutritional info on this drink...I DON'T want to know. I started my long weekend by hitting up IKEA for some items I had discovered while browsing a couple of weeks back, in search of a computer desk for Ryan. Something that wouldn't take up too much room, but would be functional. I'm beginning to think I got bit by an IKEA bug. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE IKEA, but their prices are a bit high on some things. I consider myself to be quite the thrifty gal, though, and seriously, I bargain shop my booty off! I went about 3 years ago, to find a desk to put in my bedroom, for my computer, since I lost my office to create a nursery. My search went horribly, the item I wanted was HUGE and not the best quality...especially for the price. So, we were on our way out of the store, walking past bedroom furniture, when I saw it...the MALM Dressing Table. It was regularly priced at $149, so I was very sad, and started walking away, when I saw a little sign on it with $40 scribbled across it! WHAT?!?! $40!!! I can afford THAT! And it is perfect in size! SOLD! It was supposed to hold my computer and my sewing machine, but I never did get my machine set up on it...I don't want to do crafting projects where I sleep...might wake up with my legs E-6000'd or a straight pin in my back...not good. So, I set up shop when I can, on my dining room table, or an end table, but have to clean up each time I get up from it and walk away....and by clean up, I mean....ALL OF IT. Very hard to function like that. A couple of months ago, I got an ad from IKEA, and started to toss it in the recycle pile when I saw the shelves I've been secretly oogling for soooo long. I've been eye-balling the biggest of them, but know my space restrictions, and since the sale was for the smallest set of 2 cubbies wide and 4 high, I decided to get them....I ended up with 2 shelf sets regularly priced at $89 for $49 each. Another bargain! Still on the hunt for a desk for Ryan, at this point, when I found the attachment for these shelves ON DISPLAY...it was a nice big desktop attachment, only 2 pieces (side panel and top panel), that mounts TO the shelves that I had! $50 each, I actually paid full price for these. Of course, in my FINAL PHASE of assembly, I had a damaged panel, and had to return to IKEA for a replacement part...without a receipt...If you talk to the guy on the phone, and he tells you that you don't need your receipt if you paid via Credit Card, DON'T LISTEN TO HIM!!! Lies, I tell you, LIES!!! I got there, and they took the damaged piece, and gave me a sheet of paper stating that IF and WHEN someone returned a damaged or unwanted unit, they would call me and I could come get the "spare piece" from it. This could be a while, though, because they usually take the pieces from these and pair them with pieces from OTHER returned sets, and make a complete one to sell in the AS-IS section. I came home on a mission....TO FIND THAT RECEIPT. I scoured my house, trying to tidy up my mess from the earlier hunt for that same receipt...I was NEAR TEARS, when I finally decided to look in ONE LAST PLACE (of course, isn't that how it always is?? It would not be the last place you looked if you looked there first, now, would it!?)...Oh, MY GOODNESS....to my very HUGE surprise, there it was! Crumpled up and fading, but it was there! I couldn't wait to go back and get my new piece (with receipt, they can open a new package and just give you the part from the new package). I got my new piece, and a few other things...Yes, I got sucked in and bitten by the darn bug AGAIN! I had spotted some lights the day before...On sale for $11.99, regularly $29.99. I bought 4...Not sure I need 4, but for that price, I snagged them right then and there. At least, this way I have them, and if the sale ends before I complete my project, I have saved myself the additional money! If I don't need all of them, I can return...Yes, I am keeping the receipt safe this time. At this point, we are just cruising around the store, and passing through the kitchen area, spot some shelves that hang on the wall...I had some things in mind for the walls, but didn't want anything overwhelming, but also needed something nice, with good support. I got closer and spotted a clearance tag!!! WOOHOO! Regularly $39, marked down to $14.99. I'll take 3 in white, please. What do you mean the clearance is only for the ones in black? Nevermind. Let's go look at fabric, friend, I will show you what I got yesterday, on CLEARANCE!!! Oooooh...these are NEW....and SOOOOO PRETTY! Guess what!?! I can cover those black shelves with fabric, and save money! Yep, went back and ordered up 3 in black. Decided to hold off on the fabrics I picked for the finale, because THOSE are full price $7.99/yard, and I have 2 prints picked out that I think will do nicely together...one for my curtains, and the other for the shelves! Maybe they will go on clearance next week! Doubtful, but a girl can hope, can't she? So, we get to "the project" I now have 2 shelf/desk combos set up...1 to be used for scrapping and crafting, the other for a sewing table/cutting table, and have decided to relocate MY computer to the same room, and put all of the computers on the dressing table! It's plenty long, and not too deep, so there is enough room for monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers, yet not enough space for any excess clutter, which is one of my biggest obstacles in life. There are a couple of large items that need to be found new homes in our house, or outside, on our patio, if I have my way about it, THEN, and only then, can I move the dressing table/computer desk into the room, and complete the FURNITURE portion of the project. Before then, though, I have a feeling I will be making use of my new sewing station! I have big plans for this room, and I can already feel it coming together. It has become my "baby", in a way...it will be my first design project in my own home, and hopefully, will be enough to convince hubby to give me free reign over further design projects! This project is my way of taking back a little space for ME. It will be a shared space, but it will give me the opportunity to entertain both kids and fulfill my need to express my creativity, via crafting and scrapping and sewing...and my newest outlet, online! Check back for photos of the before and after...but not TOO SOON, since it takes me a bit to get back around to posting photos! And since I am still in the midst of this project, the after photos are yet to be taken! *Side note: I am also hoping for this space to become the home of a future home-based business!


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Love, love your post. Trust all is well with you. :-)


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