Like Mother, Like Daughter

Typically, you hear "like Mother, like Daughter", in reference to how alike a mother and her child are...for me, it means something completely different. Today (November 30th, 2010) marks the 31st year since my Mother's death, and earlier this year, I was lucky enough to go to Phoenix for Bloggy Boot Camp. I drove by myself, as I had made plans to stay with family while in town, and spend some extra special time with the extraordinary woman who had the misfortune of losing her niece (my Mom) on her birthday. My Great-Aunt Mary, although I've never called her anything but Aunt Mary...she IS a great Aunt. During my time with her, we went through piles of old family photos, and she named those she knew, and passed along some photos of my mother that she knew I would love to have. It was a day that I will never of those special moments in time that hold a place in your heart forever.

After spending my life asking questions, and never getting any answers, I was able to openly ask her a few questions about my mom...there were not a LOT of answers, but some that helped me to understand the actions of others in the wake of her passing, and the years to follow.

One of the photos she gave me was that of my Mom at the age of 2 yrs...taken in July of 1960. The first time Pickle and SugarPlum saw the photo, they spoke my thoughts aloud. It looks JUST like my Daughter. I have no photos of myself at that age, to compare, but the two of them look so much alike it's uncanny. 

My Mother -- 2 yrs old -- July 20, 1960

My Daughter likes to carry it around and show us, while saying "Look at me!". I ask her "WHO is that?", to which she replies "It's my grandma. My momma's momma." My heart aches, and swells with love and pride for my daughter, and sadness that my Momma is not here to see her beautiful grand-daughter that loves her so deeply, without ever knowing her. Her Bubby loves to look at the photo with her, and ask me questions. I tell them honestly. She died a long time ago, and will never meet them, but had she been here, she would have loved them with every ounce of her being...just as I do. They tell me they miss her...and as I tell them "So do I", all I can think is "You have NO idea, have no idea." And I hope they never do.

Thank you, Mom, for giving me life, so that I could experience a love like this. I wish you could be here to enjoy their presence with me. You being here is the only gift that could top what I have in my life right now.

Happy Birthday, Aunt Mary...thank you for being the selfless, amazing woman that you have been. For caring for Grandma and Grandpa, and for never letting the physical distance keep you from holding us all so close. Your love warms us all, and we wish to return it tenfold.


becky said...

Oh Ali, that was beautiful. Biggest hugs to you.

Rachel Ferrucci said...

What a beautiful story. Your aunt sounds like a special lady. It so wonderful to have people like that in our lives! She's also lucky to have a niece who loves her so much.

Proud mommy of Two said...

What a great memory! I must say I see you and Rayna in that photo!

Marissa said...

Beautiful photo and story. I just wrote a post about family resemblances as well. Hope you had fun at Bloggy Boot Camp. I'm going tomorrow :)

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