Monday, Monday...

Both of my children have been boycotting naps on a regular basis, these days. They will fight it until they pass out of sheer exhaustion...LITERALLY! This was one of those moments where I couldn't seem to get the memory stick out of the computer fast enough, and back into the camera to start recording...almost 2 minutes of her eating an entire mini rice cake with her eyes closed, and I was fumbling to get the camera on the right setting, just in time for the last bite...something's better than nothing, right? I couldn't resist sharing her with you! Enjoy! **Tuckered Toddler** I carried her to bed shortly after filming this, and she took a SOLID 3 hour nap! Talk about tuckered! I then pounded a double serving Monster Energy drink to get me through the evening. During that 3 hour nap, I managed to entertain my son with games and tv, while I participated in Chat on MomTV, with the Mamavation crew! After that, I helped hubby get dinner together, which also means I have lunches packed for the week (and possibly part of next week). He grilled chicken and veggies, and cooked some turkey sausages with bell peppers and onions. MMMM....I LOVE BELL PEPPERS!!! I had a chicken breast and grilled veggies (asparagus, zucchini, squash, and garlic) for dinner, along with a double serving Monster Energy (LOW CARB) drink...yes, ANOTHER ONE! What on EARTH was I thinking?!?! Actually, I said..."I already had one, but what the heck!" Seriously, that's what I said. Must've been the brainwashing from the other can. We wore the kids out and put them to bed, and then I cracked the whip...I forced my hubby to get off his booty and help me move the elliptical out of the back room, into the living room, where it will serve as a constant reminder of my goals, and a tool in REACHING those goals. No, there are no cords or cables for my children to hang themselves on it, and I desperately hope they don't hurt themselves in any other way on this torturous device.


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