It's Time...

My journey is beginning. My most sincere Congratulations to Mommy Maria...and my continued support. She is almost done with her first week of being the 1st Mamavation Mom, and she has had a grueling schedule, and diet change. And she has been an absolute trooper through this past week. She has been posting her food plan, food diary, and exercise plan, and even with all the additions to her already busy schedule, she has not neglected her blog, which I love to follow and read! I made commitments and set goals, that I intend to fulfill, even though I didn't become the Mamavation Mom. I am still working on them, and I still need everyone to support me through this journey. I am following along with Maria, on her journey, but am also creating my own that includes my friends and family. I have invited my local mommy friends to join me on BookieBoo...and I have created 2 new groups on BookieBoo, one for LOCAL mommies who are "Getting Fit In San Diego", and one for Pedometer-wearing mommies who are "Stepping It UP!". I have also JUST NOW started a group for Diabetic Mommas & At Risk Mommas Diabetes Prevention. I invite you, if you are Diabetic or At Risk of Developing Diabetes, to come join this group, and share your stories and support! If you haven't been to my blog before, feel free to browse around and read more about me! Follow me, leave me comments, add me to your blogroll, and introduce yourself to me! I love meeting new people, and making new friends, so don't be shy!


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