Week in Fast Forward Rewind...

Saturday 25July09 We went to Fiesta Island and watched the kids play in the sand, and played in the water with them. Yes, I got in the water and played with them, as well...no, there are no photos to prove it...I am the camera-mom, so all photos show everyone BUT ME! Sunday 26July09 We had a relaxed day, then went to the In-Laws for dinner...not a ride I will forget anytime soon. We got the joy of dealing with a very angry, aggressive driver, who decided to put all of our lives at risk by driving like an idiot. Called Grandpa (my Dad), to wish him a Happy Birthday! Monday 27July09 Met up with SIL, Auntie Lisa, to take the kids to Jamba Juice and B&N to play at the train table. Train table got postponed. Rayna decided she didn't want to leave JJ, and threw herself down while holding my hand, dislocating her left elbow...YAY! Gave Mommy a terrible fright, and we all rushed to the doctor to have it fixed...not my best day. Babysat a friend's 2-yr-old son, and plan to do the same soon, while she finds out her newest up-coming addition's gender! Called it an early night due to the very overwhelming/overstimulating day I had...and because Hubby was enjoying my misery WAY too much with comments of how I had broken our baby's arm, and what a mean Mommy I am...Isn't there a rule about not making jokes about stuff like that for at LEAST 24 hours?!?! I guess he didn't get the memo. Tuesday 28July09 Ran some errands and hung out with a great friend, and even had lunch together (w/my kids, of course). Spent the afternoon at home hanging low with the kids after our overly exciting Monday, then left the kids home with our sitter while Hubby and I went out for appetizers and drinks. Came home to a freshly baked pan of brownies...MMMM...the house smelled delish! Wednesday 29July09 Called Brandi to wish her a Happy Birthday! Met up with SIL, Auntie Sara, and her son, and went to a local playground with an awesome water feature...we LOVE that place! It's one of the only places I can take the kids that ISN'T gated in, and not have to worry that they will run off! They are total Water Babies! After that, we grabbed lunch and headed home for our NO-Nap time. Wednesday evening, we went to a park playdate to say farewell to a friend who came into town for the month of July, from Texas. We had a lot of fun hanging out and catching up with some of the Mommies from our Mom's Group...and even got to meet a couple of new Dads! Thursday 30July09 We hung low at home early in the day, and then headed north to Kidsville Playtown in Poway, for a Twerpup with some really awesome gals! It was great to meet some new friends, and put faces to the names of some I had already met online! What a great place to play! It got a little crazy a couple of times, but nothing a few kisses couldn't remedy! We had to leave in a hurry, or would have loved to stay and play with our new friends longer...but I HAD to get home for... The ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE 1st Mamavation Mom!!! My heartfelt CONGRATS to Maria! I am so happy for you, and am ready to be here for you and take this journey right along with you! Mamavation and BookieBoo threw a great Twitter Party, and I was very lucky to win a pair of the EarthFootwear Shoes that were being given away that night! Just waiting to hear back about sizing...can't wait to see them IRL!!! Unfortunately, the P.O.R.N. peeps have managed to take nearly EVERY TWEET from that party, and hi-jack them and RT them...I can't count how many times I have blocked a new one over the past 2 days, and really, it's only a couple of people...they just keep changing their names and photos...the text is EXACTLY the same, for the most part. There are 2 messages I get, and each time I get them, the name and photo are different. One of the DISadvantages of PUBLIC social media, right? Hopefully they will get filtered out soon, and give up. Friday 31July09 Maria had her first interview, online, as well as her first Nutritional Review. I was able to listen to MOST of each of these, but Toddlers Rule, you know, so I missed out here and there! Thank goodness they are posting the information for the rest of us on BookieBoo! Again, neither wanted to take naps, so I let them stay up, and Ryan ended up passed out with his crackers in his hand, and Rayna still sitting there next to him stealing them one by one while he slept! We took the kids to dinner, after Daddy's late arrival home from work, and treated our little family with GC's from Grandpa S...Thanks, Dad! Saturday 01August09 Daddy went fishing, leaving in the wee hours of the morning (3am), and returning after 9pm, so I had the kids to myself...nothing unusual about that. Today was a particularly whiney day for the kids, wanting to "Find Daddy" seemed to be the theme of the day. Naptime was a No-Go, so I took them for a ride in the car, and got about 15 minute out of Ryan...but nothing from Rayna. Brought them home, thinking I would sneak him into bed, but he woke up right as we pulled into the driveway, and let me know that he was NOT tired, and didn't need a nap! Hmmm. Gave them some crackers to snack on for a bit, since it was too early for dinner, and went to do my dishes. Peeked around the corner 10 minutes later to find Rayna passed out on the couch...It lasted about 20 minutes. At least I got my dishwasher loaded, right? I fed them dinner, which neither of them would eat, and ended up giving Ryan yogurt, and Rayna decided she just wasn't hungry...she just wanted to hold Mommy. Managed to pick up the toys, vacuum the floors and get them dressed for bed in time to dance like fools to Jack's Big Music Show for an hour...Yes, the entire hour, I was forced, against my will, by 2 crazed lunatic toddlers, to "Keep Dancing, Mommy!!!" "No, Mommy, you have to STAND UP and DANCE!!!"...um...yeah, no sitting and dancing allowed. We stumbled up the stairs at 9p, and Mommy was 15 minutes into singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, when Daddy decides to come flying into the nursery with an excessive amount of energy, to wind the little buggers back up....JOY. An hour later...and after he finally quit trying to get Ry back into bed, and just gave up and let him climb into our bed and lay down, they are ALL sleeping....PHEW! And I am finally CATCHING UP ON MY BLOGGING, whirlwind style! No, I wasn't able to get on my elliptical last night, OR today/tonight...Hubby ignored my sweet request to assist in moving it so that I could make use of it, so it is still squashed into a corner, with the other lovely gym equipment all piled up against it, and the little stuff jammed in between! Quite the sight, let me tell you! I would post a pic, but my battery for my camera died while filming my silly kids earlier today...Great reminder to charge that...and I am off! Toodles, all! I'll see what I can do about adding in some photos soon....having trouble with the computer...loading/accessing photo files, but I will try to get it working properly, and stuff some shots in where they belong in this EVER-SO-LONG Fast Forward Rewind post!


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As I read your post I had to laugh I too am the camera mom and am in almost NO pictures - probably why it took me so long to realize how much weight I have gained.

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