So, I think it finally laptop was literally on its way out the door to the shop, when I went to shut it down and the screen went black. THE END. It shows that there is power from the power source, but beyond that little light coming on, nothing else happens. I have my fingers crossed that a computer genius can somehow bring back my computer...which I had not removed my emails/ie. attachments to emails or address books from before it decided to "black out". I am working on my DINOSAUR pc, but hey, something is better than nothing, right? I just hope I am able to get all those addresses and emails before all is said and done. That'll teach me to put things off until later, huh? Probably not, but at least I managed to transfer all of my photos and music to a backup drive before it happened! Gotta love how much we rely on technology.


* TONYA * said...

I have this sudden urge to back up all my photos and videos today.

Hope they are able to get your computer up and running again and that you haven't lost anything.

Ali, Ryan and Rayna said...

the verdict is in...I got my computer handed back to me the following evening, with the message that I should buy a new one, and HOPEFULLY, they will be able to copy the info from my old hard drive, but don't get my hopes up...of course, they are up, because that is my entire address book on there, and I NEED it...desperately. You can bet I will be printing that bad boy out the instant I get it back....IF I get it back. *fingers crossed*

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