December 2008/January 2009

Happy New Year to everyone! I know, I am a little late. As I have posted, I have had some technical difficulties this month, and THANKFULLY, my brother has loaned me a laptop to use for the time being! Hopefully, this means I will be able to keep up with updates and posting of photos for everyone's enjoyment!

For now, here are a few photos from December and January! Enjoy!
Some tender love from "bubby".
Hugs are priceless.
Even the ones where you get squashed by your big brother!
"Being Cute Is A Full-Time Job"
So is being Cute's Mom!
My multi-tasker! Walking and drinking her brother's juice!
Fat & Happy, Ready 4 My Nappy!
Playing Mommy 2 My New Baby!!!
Pushing Baby in Her Pram! SOOOO FUN!!!
After my bath, I like to chill in my jammies, drink a cup of milk, and watch TV to wind down for bedtime.
Walking at the park with a friend! A little help down the slide! WEEEEEEE!
I'm a big boy, I can do it ALL BY MYSELF! Hmmm...something has caught my eye! When we go to the park, we ALL keep an eye on Ryan!
Okay, folks, I need some sleep's almost 2am! More photos coming soon, so keep checking back!


Kelly said...

I love the Picts...boy they are getting big. Chloe got the same doll rayna has :-).

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