About Us

We are forever a family of four. I am the Cherry (nicked by R1), wife to an Apple (nicked by R1), and Mommy to my Pickle (aka. R1) and my SugarPlum (aka. R2). I adore my family, and they are the reason I began blogging. To be able to share them with our out-of-state and out-of-country friends and family, without having to fight with emailing attachments and returned emails for errors in address or full email boxes! Now everyone is responsible for updating themselves by visiting our blog regularly. This takes some pressure and stress off of me, since there is so much pressure to "Keep Everyone Up-to-Date" on all of our goings-on!

I blog about my family, as well as fitness and anything else that strikes my fancy!

I am beginning to do reviews and giveaways, so be sure to come back and visit often to hear what I have to say, and to enter for your chance to win whatever it is I happen to be giving away!

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