Update for Earth Footwear & Exer-Walk

Although I have really been wearing Earth Footwear shoes for much longer than 15 days, I HAVE only been wearing the Exer-Walks for just over 15 days, now.

We are working out together regularly, walking down the road, around the malls...it's kind of like having a cell phone...I never go anywhere without it, EXCEPT for bed, and the same applies to my shoes. At the end of the day, my shoes reside next to my bed, or at the top of my stairs, and my phone rests either on my bedside table, or on its charger, downstairs.

They are newer than my first pair of Earth Footwear shoes, but are showing more signs of wear, at this point, inside and out.

I asked a friend to take some photos for me, this week, to send in to Earth Footwear FOR the campaign...I will post them here, as well.

I also sent in a couple of my own quotes, to express how I feel about Earth Footwear's shoes, and the changes I have seen since beginning to wear them.

If you want to learn more about these lovely shoes, check out the Earth Footwear Website, for more info, and to shop around...this could take awhile, so hold all calls, so you can give it your full attention...and stock up on napkins for the drooling you will be doing!

Don't forget to join us on Twitter, for the Earth Footwear Launch Party, on December 1st!


Stacey Ross said...

You are transforming before me! So glad I got to be a part of your journey, and visa versa. Powerful stuff!

Unknown said...

These shoes look awesome, I may have to look further into owning a pair!

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