Our First Family Garden

This year, we were finally able to plant our first real family garden. It was so much fun watching the kids get excited about planting seeds, watering, and eventually, picking the fruits (and veggies) of their labor.

I promised a friend a post with some photos of our homegrown veggies...here you go, Lolita! I can't wait to hear what all you grow in YOUR garden! I would love to see photos of your homegrown harvest!

Keep in mind, this was a small harvest from ONE evening of picking. The night before this, hubby picked HUNDREDS of green beans!
Hubby planted cucumbers. Not sure of the type, but they are all very unique in shape and size. I bet they'd make great pickles! Hubby likes to peel them and eat them straight from the garden!
Tomatoes, shallots and peppers, oh my! I'm a total tomato fiend, and LOVE to wash and eat the yellow squash tomatoes and red cherry tomatoes straight off the vines! Hubby ended up stuffing the jalapenos with cheese and wrapping them in bacon before grilling them. I didn't sample them, but everyone who did RAVED about the yummy flavors. Tomorrow, my brother and hubby are planning to make a HUGE batch of salsa with all of the tomatoes we have been picking in abundance! There are still more ripening on the vine, as I type this, that will be ready for the picking tomorrow just in time to become salsa!


Kelly said...

I wish I was in SD...The peppers sound devine!!!So does the Salsa....yummy!

♥ Mommy ♥ to R & R said...

Everyone loved the peppers. But, you know me. I can't handle to spicy stuff OR what it was wrapped in! ;)

The salsa was delish, Kelly! We had mild, medium, hot, and a batch of guacamole! My brother did all the salsa-making.

I picked more today, as well...TONS more! They are leaving tomorrow night, but not before I get my brother to make some more yummy salsa! Sending some with them, too...or a big batch of freshly picked veggies to make their own! I'm thinking we should make it here, though, and send it already prepared, because they won't be able to make it themselves and enjoy eating it until the movers bring all of their belongings and unpack them sometime this week!

Come back to SD anytime, Lovey...plenty of room for you here! :)

Devan @ Accustomed Chaos said...

You got all that from your garden? Good job! I wish i had a bigger area or more time. All ive got going this year are some tomatoes & jalapenos :)

Those pictures are amazing - i can smell the yummyness from here!

Miriam Leigh said...

Oh beautiful! With all those tomatoes and cucumbers, you could make gallons and gallons of gazpacho, which I love. If you make some, invite me over!

♥ Mommy ♥ to R & R said...

@Devan: Yes, all from our garden...just one day of the picking! They were delish! And we shared them with friends, because no way could I eat them all by myself!

@Miriam: have never had gazpacho, but will have to find a recipe, and try my hand at it! Would love to share some yummy food with you! We could even enjoy a delicious drink to go with it! ;)

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