Final Update for Earth Footwear & Exer-Walk

My 30-day challenge has ended, and I am excited to say that I was lucky enough to be selected for a print ad in Weight Watchers, Lucky & More. While I have been wearing my Earth Footwear shoes, my legs and butt have been shrinking and toning steadily, and I was able to watch my progress in the mirror, as I tightened my belt every couple of weeks. Today was an EXTRA-special day for me, though. I finally had to admit that my belt could go no tighter (without punching new holes), and retire it for a smaller belt. So, today, I start with a new belt, set at the biggest size, and am looking forward to the continued shrinkage!

I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the compliments that I have received by people I know IRL, who have not seen me for several weeks, and NOTICE the changes in my physical appearance! I will continue to wear my Earth Footwear shoes, and enjoy the benefit of increased calorie burn and toning of my muscles!

If you are at all interested in learning more about these lovely shoes, please visit the Earth Footwear website and read about the benefits, technology, and check out all the styles of shoes and boots they have available for women AND men!


laura said...

"my legs and butt have been shrinking..." what's not to like about that? AND the need for a new belt. I'm jealous. May have to give them a try, maybe with some Christmas money :)

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