Earth Footwear & Exer-Walk: Change your body in 30 days Campaign

Recently, I won a pair of Earth Footwear (@EarthFootwear on Twitter) at the Mamavation 2nd Round Twitter Party. A couple of days later, I got an email inviting me to join in and be a part of a 30 day campaign. Of course, I said YES! You see, I had won my FIRST pair of Earth Footwear shoes a couple of months back, at the Round 1 Mamavation Twitter Party, so I had already had the privilege of wearing and and falling in love with the shoes. I've been wearing them for everything BUT my high intensity workouts over the last 2 months.

I received my shoes the day before yesterday, late in the afternoon, so yesterday was my first full day of wearing the new Exer-Walk shoes. Although they are not quite as CUSHY as my first pair, I do love how light-weight they are, and the widened fore-foot, which gives me more room for my wide feet to spread out and relax. They are made of genuine leather, and have soft blue accents, so they don't stick out like a sore thumb. They also come packaged in their own eco-friendly storage bags! I love this new addition, because it means I can keep them from getting dusty when I am not wearing them, and I can keep the dirt ON them contained when I toss them into my gym bag with clean clothes! Here are a few shots I took of my new shoes upon their arrival:

I will be blogging about my experience with the new Exer-Walk shoes, so stay tuned for more! You can also go to the Mamavation website to find a list of other moms who are trying the same shoe out for the next 30 days, and blogging about it!

If you would like to know more about these great shoes, visit Earth Footwear's site and read more about them! You can read about their Technology (which includes Product Features, Wearer Benefits, and Research), browse their Footwear for Women AND Men, as well as Accessories, and learn Where YOU can buy your own Earth Footwear! Once you GET your new shoes, you can visit the site to find out how to break them in and Strengthen and Tone, PLUS learn how to make them a part of your work-out routine!

I am very excited to be a part of this campaign, and look forward to sharing my experience with you all!


Adrian's Crazy Life said...

I'm jealous! Those look like great shoes and they're so pretty. Might have to get a pair myself.

bookieboo said...

I am so proud to have you as part of this group Ali!!!

Anonymous said...

You go girl. Congrats. You are an inspiration to so many women.

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