Can't type through the tears...

Edited because:***I'm very confused right now...I thought the announcement of the Final 4 was to be online tomorrow, via a Twitter Party...MY BAD, the PARTY and FINALIST ANNOUNCEMENT is on the 30th, for the Winning Mamavation Mom. So, if you want to participate, please check out for the details, because I am definitely not thinking very clearly right now, and am giving you the wrong information. Going to call it a night, turn off my phone, computer, etc, and leave them off tomorrow. My hubby and babies deserve some undivided attention after this past couple of weeks, and tomorrow, they will each get their share. I also want to send out my heartfelt sympathies to the other moms who campaigned their hearts out for this, and did not make it. I know how much we all wanted it, and how it feels to not be chosen. I also know that we are all very strong women, and will overcome this (I don't even know what to call it...a bump, a setback, a kick in the stomach, no words for it right now) moment of weakness, and show our genuine support for the moms who have been chosen for those 4 spots on the ballot...and eventually, for the ONE MAMAVATION MOM. If you have not already made the commitment to follow along and create your own journey, please do so now. I have already made this commitment, and would love for you to, as well! Original Post:***I am taking tomorrow off... I won't be at the Twitter Party, but feel free to go ahead and participate in it, if you are on twitter...hashtag is #mamavation. There will be giveaways and I am sure you will have a lot of fun! I have a prior engagement that I can now attend at the start time, instead of showing up late to, so I will be doing that instead, and enjoying some adult time out with my hubby. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting me and tweeting for me. I did not make it into the final 4. I WILL continue to keep my commitment, as I said I will, but for now, I just want to take some time away to re-compose myself. Thank You ALL!


Proud mommy of Two said...

You are still my mamavation!!

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