My baby has turned 3!

Wow, it seems like JUST YESTERDAY, I was in the delivery room, for 18 LOOOOOONG hours, with several scary drops in Ryan's vital signs finally warranting an emergency C-section...I can still remember Daddy holding up our little Pickle, and he actually LIFTED HIS HEAD to look at me!!! And NOW, he's a 3-year-old with an attitude, stubborn like BOTH his Mommy AND his Daddy, but full of love and laughter, and a sense of adventure! He ADORES his baby sister, Rayna, and although he gets rough with her from time to time, he showers her with kisses and hugs and praise daily! He can go from "No! Baby, that's MINE!" to "You're so SWEET, Baby! I love you, too!" in less than a second. We spent his actual birthday with Mima and Papa (Daddy's Mommy & Daddy), a nice quiet celebration at home, with an ice cream cake that he tasted, then pushed away with a polite "No, thank you, Mommy, you eat it!". He then took it upon himself to FEED MOMMY his entire piece of cake...good thing we cut it extra small! We were in the midst of construction in our backyard, which was to be our party venue, so we postponed having his actual KID party until 2 weeks after his big day! Unfortunately, I was so busy helping the kids make handprints in PlayClay that I forgot to even get the camera out until it was too late! Go figure! I will add photos of the playclay name/handprint plaques we made, and also a link to the recipe/idea brochure! It was easy to make, and lots of fun, I just wish I had thought to make it the night before, as I spent quite a bit of time in the kitchen cooking it up! Check back for photos, I need some sleep, but will come back soon to post photos and additional updates!


Proud mommy of Two said...

It is so crazy how the time flies by!

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