Little by Little...

Every so often, there comes a time to "clean house" more ways that one. Little by little, I have been "cleaning house" in my life. Some of it is REALLY cleaning house, in the literal sense...getting rid of things that have been outgrown, underused, overused/abused, or just needlessly collected and lacking a real purpose. Some of my cleaning has to do with more personal issues, such as ridding myself of drama, drama-causing people, and lingering "friends" who have done nothing but waste my time...some who have taken advantage of my niceness, but refuse to return the kindness. Those friends who expect a friendship to be on THEIR terms, rather than finding a center ground. People who have been in my life for a long time, but not a PART of it for most of that time. So, that being said, LET THE CLEANING BEGIN!


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