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It isn't always easy to find the time to sit and blog, so mine are few and far between. My apologies. I try, but it can be a challenge!
I am currently busy preparing for my baby to turn 1! Yes, already! It has really flown by! And here I am, asking...where did it go? We haven't DONE THAT MUCH!
Well, lots of time was spent at home, getting seems like we managed to catch EVERY LITTLE BUG that went around this year, and somehow, we passed it back and forth and back and forth, prolonging our recovery times. When we WEREN'T sick, we were trying to catch back up with our friends...some of whom, we have yet to see since Rayna's birth!
We have done some playdates here and there, but have neglected to keep up with our once normal playdate schedule that used to consist of us having playtime several days a week.
We have made some awesome new friends this year, and sadly, we have lost touch with some. It is one of my wishes, this holiday season, that we are able to reconnect with our friends in the new year, once things have gotten less hectic again!
We have also been missing some of our closest friends who've had to move away from San Diego. Phone calls and email just don't come close to having our buddies here to talk to face-to-face, and just hang out with!
We are hoping that the new year brings with it new hope, new friends, rekindled friendships, and good health to us all!


Proud mommy of Two said...

So cute! I love that Rayna is standing on her own in that picture!

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