Loving on Kitty and Laughing it up!

Ryan LOVES his kitty, Tennille. She has an "owie" right now, so we are extra gentle and loving with her. Ryan kisses her a lot, trying to make her owie better. He is so sweet with her, but he also loves to "find kitty", and then chase her around the house. Usually, she will let him catch her and carry her around for a bit, but with her owie, she is a little more stand-offish right now. We are hoping to have our playful kitty back soon. Rayna is so full of energy, and has developed such a fun personality already! She loves to smile and laugh.

Ryan & Rayna spend a lot of time giggling and "talking" to one another at bedtime, and in the car! They love to play silly with Daddy, and most evenings, they are both begging for his attention, wanting to be goofy with him.


Proud mommy of Two said...

They are so cute!! I am sure that kitty loves Ry a lot more than Jakob!! Rayna's smile is so adorable. I love it!!

Alliegatorfables said...

Hi Ali-I found you through Jens Blog. Your kids are so cute and have gotten so big! I hope all is well. Stacia

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