Our Trip to the Wild Animal Park with Daddy!

We spent the day together, as a family, yesterday, and drove up to the Wild Animal Park. We were there for about 4 hours, during which time, we got to see all kinds of cool animals, play in a water area, where the bucket fills up and tips over on its own, and you can pull levers to make the water spill down over you! Ry got Daddy a couple of times really good, which Rayna thought was the funniest thing ever! Later on, we came across another water play area, with a crocodile, turtle, and lion, each spouting water! Ryan got soaked...thank goodness we had a spare set of clothes for him! Will have to remember next time we go, so we can bring a swim diaper and some water shoes! While we were at this stop, we ran into some friends, whom we hadn't seen in a while, Taylor & Shane, and their latest addition, Hanley! What a cutie PIE! I, of course, didn't think to snap some photos while we were chatting it up! :( We continued on our trail, and the munchkins started to get fussy, so we started working our way to the exit, passing up the $5 ice cream treat Daddy was craving. Instead, we hit up a McDonald's drive-thru on our way home, so he could enjoy his favorite chocolate shake. We had a lot of fun, Mommy took lots of pictures, and both babes came home and went down for naps...YAY!


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